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**NEW** Bronze Her Sale - Use promo Code HISHINE09 for 20% Off

Microblade Eyebrow Pens

Create vivid and natural-looking eyebrows with Tuchéir Cosmetics Microblade Brow Pen.

Our Microblade Pen Collection includes:

Noir, a black colored ink pen

Tawny, a light brown/tan ink colored pen

Au-Lait, the lightest of the collection

Coffee, a brownish warm ink colored pen 

What it is:

Microblade Eyebrow Pens are an alternative that looks like microblading but with more options (and less permanent). The tiny fork like tip on the end of the pen creates the natural look. A favorite as the pen allows the user to draw hair-like strokes resembling 3D natural hair.

 Benefits of Microblade Brow Pen:

The ultra-fine precision tip allows you to create the smallest of strokes to mimic your natural brow hair for brows that look straight-from-the-salon. 

Enjoy the convenience of smudge and waterproof brows that last all day long. 


First sweep away to shape and define the brows, then gently to define the brows from sparse areas. Fill in color by 45 degree angle to evenly create the perfect 3D eyebrows.

*Refrain from rubbing the eye




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